Many people today are led to believe that women always reject men. In reality, men often reject women also, and when they least expect it. It is hard to part with the pain of rejection no matter how hard we try. The fact is that it hurts to be rejected, and it hurts even more when you are having trouble getting over it. Here are some signs that will help you figure where your pain is coming from.

15. You’re Still Hopeful

Most women are really good at pretending. We pretend that we are okay, we pretend about being over our ex, but really, we’re not. It’s hard to let your wall down, especially if you get a negative response. You should not torture yourself by holding on to hope when there is really nothing there.

14. You Keep Checking Up on Him on Social Media

Stalking the person you are in love with is one sign that you are not over that person. Besides, it’s really unlikely that your stalking will change the situation that you are in.

13. You Still Ask Your Friends to Bring Over Some Ice Cream at 2 am

Sometimes in the middle of the night, we feel like calling our girlfriends and asking them to come over with comfort food. If it’s been a while since you’ve been rejected, and you are still asking your friends for comfort food, this may be a sign that you are not over it yet.

12. You Keep Questioning Your Beauty

Many times, women second guess themselves, questioning their beauty and worth. If you find yourself doing this, you’re most likely not over the fact that you have been rejected. It is not easy to just forget the pain but one day someone will see your beauty.

11. You Deny and Feel Ashamed About Keeping Tabs on Him

Another sign that shows you are still hurting over being rejected is keeping tabs on him and also being ashamed of this habit. This is a habit that will only end up making the situation worse for yourself.

10. You Still Replay the Good Times

In some cases, you were first friends with the guy that you admitted your love to. Try to stop replaying old scenarios and put them in the past.

9. You Keep on Looking for Him in Other People

Trying to look for the same traits in a new guy is one way to torture yourself. It will only make it harder for yourself in your future relationships because you’re expecting that person to be someone they are not.

8. You Can’t see Past Your Relationship with Him

If you’re stuck in the relationship with the person who rejected you, realize that it was actually probably a good thing that he rejected you because he didn’t waste your time.

7. You Feel So Messed Up That He Was the One Who Left

Many women are in the same place as you when it comes to being rejected. Try focusing on yourself and putting yourself first. Use this time to heal and realize that you’re not alone.

6. You’re Unsure of Your Worth

Questioning your worth after being rejected is a clear sign that you’re still upset over being rejected. If this is happening to you, lean on the people you love to help you heal and realize that there are people out there who love you for the person you are.

5. You Hookup Like There’s No Tomorrow

If you are someone who finds yourself going on a huge hookup spree after being rejected all you are doing is trying to mask the pain of being rejected. This will not help you face the pain, you have to let it die down on its own.

4. You Keep on Thinking What It Was You Did Wrong

Stop thinking that you were in the wrong. You shouldn’t doubt yourself, because there is nothing wrong with admitting your feelings to someone.

3. You’re Practically Begging Him to Come Back

Begging a guy to come back to you is not helping you out in any case. You might find yourself in more pain than when you were rejected. Something that is forced won’t be beneficial to you.

2. You’re Too Sensitive About Being Rejected in Anything

Being too sensitive to rejection, in general, isn’t healthy for a person. Try to put yourself first and focus on building yourself up again so that rejection won’t be as hard for you anymore.

1.You Mold Other People You’re with Into Becoming Your Ex

Just because you have moved on into a new relationship, doesn’t mean you are okay. Sometimes women try and mold their new guy into their old guy to fill a void.