The more articles I read about twitter threads and Instagram/ Facebook posts, the more I am convinced that people are getting seriously demented by the day. They will literally do anything to get shares, likes and comments. Some will use some sort of social agenda while some really desperate eons will use incidents such as pregnancies, abortions and divorces to get ahead.
Such is the case with this young lady who tweeted “4k RTs & I won’t abort it,” and we did what she wanted, we made a big deal out of it. Read on to find out more.

This is what she said:

So as expected, her tweet went viral and many twitter social workers jumped in to do their duty.

Let her fucking live her life. If you don’t like it then you don’t do it. All power to @saipanting bc it’s her choice— 🌙 psychedelic (@abby_luvvv) August 24, 2017

They criticized her and defended her.

And the father of the alleged baby (who was unaware about the pregnancy until then, btw) jumps in to have his share of the fame. After that they exchange really dramatic comments:


As if that wasn’t enough, another twitter user jumps in as the third character. Nothing about this drama is verified, but it did provide people with what they wanted; entertainment.

So here we share the exchange in screenshots for those of you who think that they can get to the bottom of the story by reading more about it.

Didn’t satisfy your curiosity? No worries, you’re not alone.

We want to know what is happening rn, too, bro!!!!! Are these people for real? Are we being trolled? Is the whole internet just trolling all of us all of the time????

Nothing can be said of this absurdness except one thing; entertaining.

We’ll just have to be patient and send happy thoughts their way.