These red flags are bound to be missed by you that’s why you should check them out.
1.Danger! Red Flag!

Most of the times couples look at the world glossy rosy lens when the connection is going great. Though it is going good, however it is necessary to look at the reality as well. Occasionally one needs to look at the world with a different perspective and see what’s around you.
2.Your Significant Other Treats People Like Garbage

Is your significant other just simple rude to the cafeteria attendant? Do they purposely under tip the waitress? The way people react with others actually says a lot about them. This is because if the person you like treats you good but not others then there is a huge chance they will do the same to you.

3.’Sorry’ Isn’t In Their Vocabulary

If your girl or guy can’t own up to something that they did bad and can’t take the blame then it is obvious that they are definitely putting their arrogance beforehand your emotional state.
4.Your Current Bae Won’t Let Go Of Their Ex-Bae

If the individual one is dating always discusses and talks about their ex then that definitely means that this person is not over them which is a huge red flag.

5.They Put You Down In Subtle Ways

It might at times feel like no matter what you do you are not good enough for them? That anything that you commit is not right for them and you are just negligible? That happens to be a red flag and affiliations should center on care appreciation and on love not on such aspects.
6.They Don’t Listen To What You Have To Say

Communication happens to be the most vital element in all relationships however if your partner never listens to a thing that you want them to do then that is a major red flag because feeling that you are ignored is the worst feeling ever.

7.They Don’t Respect Your Boundaries

You might want to inspect the connection if your partner has trouble staying in their boundaries or respecting the space which you need because it is necessary to compromise in relationship.
8.They’re Constantly Critiquing You

Does your partner constantly force you to change the way you look? Or are they always telling you to dress differently? Well then that’s a huge red flag because they should love you the way you are.

9.You Have To Reassure Them Constantly

If your bae keeps asking you questions such as do you like them? Do you trust them? Are you sure? How much do you trust them ? Then you need to step back.
10.They Threaten To Leave

The relationship is definitely toxic when the person, in order to get their way, threatens you and makes you feel alone time after time by saying that they will leave you.