They say that common sense isn’t all that common and these people might just be the proof of that. But hey, it’s a big, confusing world out there, and so what if you if you need a minute to think about the difference between “they’re” and “their”? Just be thankful, that unlike these people, your silly mistakes haven’t been blown wide open for the whole internet to see.

1. These people thought an app would turn their phone into a fan


These are the kind of people that make you realize a Slurpee doesn’t have a brain freeze warning just to be amusing.

2. This lady might have missed the unit on reproduction in Phys. Ed. class

Just doing some quick math on that: if Kate from Kate Plus 8 had sextuplets that means she would have been pregnant for 4 and a half years. Yikes.

3. This person might actually be on to something

This person might have a good idea, but let’s hope he never becomes an electrician.

4. This guy just doesn’t get it

But at least he didn’t say she’s as sweet as a cranberry.

5. The spectacle was lost on these commenters

Whoosh, right over their heads. Except the last guy, he gets it.

6. This person is a bit too serious about 100% natural foods

But then again, I might agree with them. You ever see Star Wars? The lasers in that are deadly.

7. This guy just wants his drink to be nice to him for a change

The cake is a lie and this guy has stumbled onto a conspiracy of massive proportions.

8. This unfortunate soul just wanted to charge their phone

You can’t believe everything you hear on TV, kids.

9. When an earnest complaint turns into a lesson on time zones

This might be the single best image to sum up Pokemon Go players.

10. This person wants you to eat animals that haven’t been harmed

Because all of the meat in groceries stores comes from meat trees, and nature gives it to us freely.

11. Satirical news? What’s satirical?

To be fair, I’m still not convinced that Nicolas Cage is a real person either.

12. This person is doing their darned-est to dismantle the patriarchy

Ushering in a new world order and eating cake? Brilliant.

13. This mom is just a bit too proud

I’m sure she does know a 30-year-old that can’t do that. She knows her very, very well.

14. There are no stupid questions

I’ve heard that if you don’t know, just ask. I don’t think that applies here.

15. This guy proves that fact checking is a worthwhile activity

This is one of those cars that only goes backwards, duh.

16. This lady might have never seen a gun before… or a jack for that matter

Halloween must be a terrifying time of the year for her.

I want to think that all of these people just had temporary lapses in otherwise good judgment. I need to think that, otherwise all hope for humanity might just be lost. But then again, 100 is the average IQ across the population, so maybe it isn’t so bad to have a laugh now and again about the outliers that are lowering the bar so the rest of us can feel smarter.