People tend to be good or bad. There are some very kind-hearted individuals out there but on the opposite side of the spectrum, there can be some downright malicious and evil people. And there’s no specific place of origin for these evil people. It’s not like everyone born here, or at this time, or in this vicinity are considered good or bad.

There can be good and bad people anywhere and everywhere.

So in order to prevent yourself from being hurt mentally and physically, here are some giveaways that you can read on some evil people.

Distortion of facts: information is key to knowledge and these people tend to skew the things you say to them to either make themselves look better or to make you look worse.

They take information that they glean from you to either make things appear different or to make others doubt and lose trust in you.

Misleading info: Akin to the first point, these individuals will take information that they have garnered to mislead you into thinking that they are right. They will take information from other sources to distort your conception of reality.

Persistent lying: In order to perform the above two actions, they must be apt liars. They are able to fabricate lies so well that they not only get you to believe them, but they also believe it themselves.

Not responsible. These types of people can never own up to their mistakes. They never apologize for their actions or deem anything that they do as inappropriate.

Lack of empathy. These people do not feel guilty for the things that they have done nor do they have the capacity to put themselves in that person’s shoe. As long as they can benefit, they don’t care who they hurt.

Withhold information. These people intentionally try to withhold information in order to distort the truth and the facts. They will hold the facts that make them look bad and magnify the parts that amplify their good behavior.

They don’t accept reality. They only see things from their perspective. They can’t accept reality and how things actually are. If something doesn’t fit their perception or their worldview then they will simply distort their version of reality.